About Us

Welcome to Data Astronaut Magazine! For nearly two years, Data Astronaut has aimed to drive the metabolism among the community of Data Scientists with relevant, updated and research-driven analytics content that has helped reinvent data science conversations. A newsroom with cherry-picked top-of-the-notch talented data scientists and editors bring out well-researched data science articles, specialized newsletters, videos and live events. We are supported by Data Science Foundation, Data Science Summit and Meet-up.

We all know that we live in the age of information overload, when there is arguably more and better coverage than ever before on all subjects including Data Science. Yet many a times essential updates and stories get lost. Data Astronaut aims to break out of the information deluge, to pull back from the flood to understand what it’s all about, to look for context, insight and pragmatic real-world analytics stories. We promise to offer both hard-hitting original articles and idea-driven data science journalism about the applications, methods, and tools that matter in Data Science. We’ll be opinionated but never partisan, and we hope to bring you perspective, not more punditry. We aspire to provoke and inspire, never to bore or lecture. And we hope you will soon come to rely on the magazine as a place to find the best writers and thinkers in the country—engaged with the day’s best articles, and those that should be. Perhaps most importantly, the magazine aims to fill a dangerous vacuum in the rapidly transitioning world of ad-driven articles, indirect promotional reviews, with too few really big takes on the subject.

Welcome aboard. Sit back, read and enjoy !
Data Astronaut Team